The Pantano Racing Team is the official team created by Giorgio Pantano in 2022, one of the most interesting teams in karting.

Sports training and coaching

The team’s philosophy goes far beyond sporting performance and includes also a plan for the personal development of our young drivers to support them with  their sporting career and their professional approach to  sport. It is a real school that helps them  improve their technique and also form  the right spirit to face the challenges of a race. It aims at strengthening the drivers mentally to enable them cope with their future career in motorsport and grow on a personal level.

As he said in 2015, ‘The world of karting has changed. Everything is much more professional. That’s why you need professionals who can give competent advice. Today I believe I can show a young person the right path. I believe I can teach patience, how to avoid making  rash decisions , and acting with the future in mind. . To parents, instead, I will tell them how far their children can go”.

Passion and commitment

Starting a karting career requires incredible dedication and great commitment, from an early age. Passion is the starting point, but independence, personality  and constant commitment on the track and in the personal development are the foundations on which to build a solid career.

Since the very beginning,  the Pantano Racing Team has been aiming to self-improvement before performance management. This improvement is the result of dedication and a constant challenge with oneself, a characteristic that  distinguishes even our youngest drivers.

The technical and production team

Mechanics and technicians complete the team and put their passion and all the experience accumulated through years of collaboration and hard work into supporting the drivers in their daily work on the track.

Our pilots are also the first to test the Pantano Racing Team’s chassis and tubes , designed and manufactured in the Sacile factory (Italy). They  test the designed technical material on the track with the delicate task of understanding and measuring its performance in order to allow continuous improvement.