The last round of the IAME Euro Series held in Genk has been plenty of spectacular races with more then 180 driver in the entry lists. In the Senior category the Pantano boys, Moya, Trentin and Stiller, did an amazing job pushing the italian team to the tip of the standings for the whole week end. The spaniard Moya won a very intense Final scoring also a 3rd place overall in the Championship standing, showing an unbeatable pace. Winning one heat, scoring twice the second place and once the third one, Ruben moved to the Super Heats where he took the chequered flag in 2nd position overall. In the Final his driving was a proper masterpiece winning the race with almost 2 sec of gap with his team mate Trentin.

The Italian driver Giovanni Trentin has been the perfect team mate for Moya as both of them kept fighting for the top 3 positions the whole event. In the Heats the Italian scored two victories, two 2nd spots and one 3rd. In the Super Heat Giovanni scored a 4th place then starting the Final from the front row. In the Final, whit his team mate Moya leading the race, Giovanni fought hard to get the 2nd position showing a very hard and determinate attitude.

Very great week end for Stiller too. The young driver is really improving race by race and in Genk had the chance to get the access to the Final scoring a P24 after 12 positions gained since the start of the race.

Giorgio Pantano (Team Principal): “ I am so happy for my drivers today as they really did an amazing job. Ruben and Giovanni are a very quick and fair team mates and they drove the whole week end to get the maximum out of their own karts. I am also very happy about Stiller performances as is really becoming very quick and soon I am sure he will fight for the top 10 positions.”