The third round of the IAME Euro Series held last week end at 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo has welcomed Team Pantano and its 4 drivers (3 in X30 Senior and 1 in X30 Junior). For the whole week end the Italian team, owned by the former F1 driver Giorgio Pantano, has battled with its drivers for the top positions in each category and only some unlucky episodes have kept them far from a well deserved podium.

In the X30 Senior Trentin set the best lap in qualy (only half tenth off the overall pole lap) winning later on one of the heats but collecting a P12 and a DNF (crash) as final result of the heats. Keep pushing the Italian driver got close to the podium in the Super Heats (P4) and scored a P8 in the Final after fighting a lot for the podium. Very consistent week end for the Spanish driver Moya, fourth in qualy e twice on the podium in the heats who scored P8 in the Super Heat and only P22 in the Final after some hard battles.

Massive improvement for Stiller who is learning a lot every race and in Castelletto was able to get some TOP 10’s in the heat and in the Pre Final finishing P22 in the Final after a good come back.

Last but not least the new comer in the team Quintieri in the X30 Junior, pole man in his group in qualy and P14 and P20 (both with penalties) in the Super Heat and Final.

An overall good week end for the Italian team that now leads to a deserved holiday period before coming back on rack for the final part of the season.